Intensive Moisture Duo

  • GH₵60.00
  • GH₵115.00
  • - 48%

This action packed duo will have your scalp feeling SO GOOD and your hair soft and shiny!


Our Scalp Serum is perfect for those with dry scalp or dealing with flakes. Are you tired of patting your head due to scalp irritation and itchiness? Then this is your answer. It will soothe any itchiness with a refreshing, cool sensation and leave your scalp hydrated. It is perfect for those dealing with irritation due to protective styles. (Pssst...we especially like to apply the serum when our scalp is irritated after braids are freshly installed.)


Our Oil Blend is an all natural blend of oils - grape seed, olive, soybean, baobab - that is non-greasy and makes your hair soft and shiny. It smells AMAZING and can also be used on the skin to add a nice glow!