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Our Story

My name is Susan Edwards and I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I am a Stanford-trained chemical engineer that believes in wellness and self care. My husband, Varsay Sirleaf, is a Liberian immigrant who grew up during that country’s civil war, but always wanted to return to his birth continent and make an impact. We lived in Nairobi, Kenya after marrying and eventually made it to his home of Monrovia, Liberia.


In 2017, I launched Uhai in Liberia. I have experienced flaking on my scalp since college and the shampoos recommended to me by dermatologists were severely drying out my hair. And I wasn't alone. Over two years, I tested formulations with friends and family in Ghana and Liberia who were also looking for better solutions to address their scalp issues and banish dry hair. 


At Uhai (which means life in Swahili), we believe in creating products that deliver maximum nutrients and moisture to the hair and scalp by using the continent’s most powerful botanics. Our inaugural product collection features baobab, a superfood from southern and western Africa that has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit.


We are also building a community of women across the diaspora that embrace wellness and self care. In the past, I have put myself and my health last – resulting in stress-induced shedding and breakage. By embracing wellness – which included being intentional about how I care for my hair – I am better able to live out my life, and dreams, to the fullest.


We are excited to expand our global tribe and make Uhai a staple in your wellness and healthy hair journey.